Wound Care

The feet and ankles will pick up a multitude of minor wounds during a lifetime. The occasional scrape or cut is rarely a major worry for many people, but something that should never be taken lightly if one has diabetes and/or poor circulation. Even tiny wounds can become a big problem under certain conditions, but the doctors at California Foot and Ankle Specialists are able to address even long-standing injuries with effective wound care.

The effects of diabetes and other conditions can cause complications in the feet, all of which can work against the proper healing of injuries in that location.

One’s arteries can be narrowed through the buildup of plaque, decreasing the circulation of blood. This can especially have effects on the feet and lower limbs, as the trip to get blood to them is a long one. The worse blood flow is to a location, the harder it is for injuries to heal.

Damaged nerves can deaden sensation in the feet so that some wounds may not be felt when they develop.
The two above factors create a dangerous combination. As a wound goes unnoticed and fails to quickly heal, it opens up the potential for the injury to grow worse and even become infected. In severe cases, the consequences can be dire.

The sooner a foot wound is discovered, the easier and more effectively it can be treated. Care should begin right away with home aid, if possible. Clean the wound with running water to remove any foreign matter, then apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage to help prevent infection. Next, don’t take any chances: come see us as soon as possible!